ISEAC41 will be moved to the Netherlands in 2023 and will be organized by Prof. Marja Lamoree and Dr. Hans Mol. More detailed information regarding dates and exact location will follow soon.’

Environmental Challenges :

  • Discovery of unknown contaminants, transfomation products and metabolites (FHJ)
  • Sources/routes of contamination (LS, MaF)

Food Challenges :

  • Food Fraud and Food Safety in a global market
  • Antimicrobial resistance (SRN) (env. + food)


Trends/persepctives/future fo Ana Chem

  • Non-targeted analysis
  • Rapid testing strategies
  • Chemometrics and Bioinformacits
  • Internt of Things
  • CRM
  • Risk Assessment, synergistic toxicological effects (FJH)