ISEAC39: Technological and Scientific Scopes - Applications to food, environmental and processing challenges

  • Sampling and sampling strategies
  • Non targeted approaches: screening, fingerprinting, profiling, barcoding, omics-cascade
  • Targeted approaches: Detection, identification and quantification of organic compounds
  • Bioinformatics: Processing, recycling, sharing, storage
  • Risk assessment
  • Rapid testing and on-site applications: Sensors, Biosensors


Environment: Air, Water and Soil

  • Anthropogenic chemicals (agriculture, drugs, human waste water, industry)
  • Hormonal active substances
  • Drug residues
  • Exhaust gases (indoor/outdoor emissions)
  • Fine dust
  • Radioactivity
  • Rehabilitation monitoring
  • Long term Transport


Food: Food Safety and Food Fraud (authenticity)

  • Residues
  • Contaminants: chemical, microbial
  • Nano materials
  • Packaging
  • Identity
  • Geographical origin