Food Metabolomics – New Horizon in MS-based spectrometry


Jürgen Kuballa, Jens Lütjohann
GALAB Laboratories, Hamburg, Germany

Metabolomics is the study of small-molecules in a system and the chemical and biochemical processes involved. It belongs to the -omics techniques, like genomics and proteomics.
MS-based food metabolomics has gained a powerful tool for safety, storage, processing and quality of food commodities and final products due to its incomparable high resolution, specificity and wide dynamic range. There is a wide range of applications for metabolomics data: food fraud and authenticity can be revealed with metabolic profiles, food processing influences the constitution of the food ingredients and fruits develop natural mechanisms to prevent pests and mouldiness. High-resolution mass-spectrometry in combination with database analysis are recent techniques both in targeted and un-targeted approaches are applied in this flied.A current overview of the latest developments of MS-based food metabolomics will be presented.

Jürgen Kuballa

Dr. Jürgen Kuballa is managing director and founder of GALAB Laboratories, Hamburg. He studied chemistry at the University of Cologne and environmental analytical chemistry at the TU-Hamburg-Harburg. His main reaserach activities are food analysis with mass spectrometry and biocatlysis of prebiotic oligosacharides. He is involved is several national and international EU research projects.