Always what’s next in food and environmental analysis


Those who focus on ensuring the safety and quality of food face an increasing number of challenges, including stricter regulations, newly emerging contaminants, and uncertain consumer confidence. Thermo Scientific™ offers a range of innovative products, workflow solutions, and educational resources that help our customers maintain their focus where it should be delivering safe, high-quality food products.

Presentation 1:

Pesticide screening with GC and LC Orbitrap based technology

Inge de Dobbeleer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Breda, NETHERLANDS

Food safety standards change and evolve, which often means what was once at the lower end of a permissible pesticide residue level, may be at the upper end tomorrow. Thermo Fisher Scientific's innovative technologies help laboratories stay ahead of the curve in pesticide analysis. We provide start-to-finish workflows and expertise to help regulatory, food monitoring, research, and testing laboratories meet the challenges of today and the requirements of tomorrow in pesticide residue testing.

Presentation 2:

Latest HPLC and Ion Chromatography Solutions ensuring food safety and quality for today’s demanding consumers

Dr. Tim Cross, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hemel Hempstead, UK

Put our latest innovations in chromatography to work in your laboratory. We’ve focused on developing leading-edge workflow solutions—from sample preparation, chromatographic separation, seamless integration with mass spectrometry, and data management and analysis—to meet today’s ever increasing demands for analytical performance, productivity and ease of use.

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